NEW!! Japanese Kujo Pull Over Clothing Protector

NEW!! Japanese Kujo Pull Over Clothing Protector

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The pull over clothing protectors are designed for any person who wishes to keep their clothes clean and dry when eating and drinking. These protectors are especially useful for elderly, people with disabilities and people with special needs. The pull over clothing protectors are simply stunning and can be worn for special occasions, outings or day to day use. 

The unique features to these clothing protectors are:

  • The hidden elastic neckline allows the wearer more self help, with no buttons, domes or velcro.
  • The front layer is made with the highest of quality 100% cotton.
  • The middle layer is an absorbent flannelette. 
  • The backing is 100% waterproof, made with Polyurethane Laminate (PUL).
  • They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • Two domes on each protector allow for the best individual fit.
  • The length at 88cm allows the wearer to have full coverage, ideal for people seated for meals or in wheelchairs.
  • They are machine washable, the front cotton layer can be ironed, but I do not recommend tumble drying.

The Pull Over Clothing Protector is a new design  for Eveer, so if you would like to purchase one in a different colour, please get in touch